How data forecasting can help in improving customer experience in airport facility management.


How data forecasting can help in improving customer experience in airport facility management.

  • 11th November 2023

The aviation industry is highly customer-centric. Airport Facility Management in terlsms of schedules, amenities, and infrastructure is critical. To enhance the customer experience at the airport, data forecasting can help to assess the preparedness of the facilities during regular as well as rush hours. We discuss some of the areas where data forecasting can help impeccable facility provision at airports. The valuable data unleashes significant statistics that help decision-making as well as tackling various Airport Management challenges.

1. Forecasting and Planning in Airport Facility Management

Airport facilities include several assortments including the infrastructure, emigration counters, pre, and post-security zones, loungers, and lavatories. The smooth functioning of all these segments oils the wheels of a phenomenal customer experience. This gave rise to the concept of smart airport management that combines Data Analysis, Communication Technology, IoT, AI, and Cloud to forecast future consumer demand based on data analysis carried out by mining the data from varied sources.

2. Predictive Maintenance

A good IoT setup can help gauge the state of play of the various facilities. Human inspection can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. If automation is applied to access the status of the facility and upcoming maintenance, the major hassle can be avoided in the terms of the facility going down during rush hours.

3. Customer Behaviour Analysis

There are various sources of data like empirical data related to the customer, social media platforms, and data from allied agencies. This data provides precise feedback on the functioning and facilities at airports. The data collected from these sources when fed to the analytic tools can provide excellent insight into areas of improvement.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Key to customer satisfaction is the timely services and high-standard facilities. Failure in providing these facilities on time may lead to customer dissatisfaction. This can be avoided through well-planned maintenance activities and real-time access to the status of the facilities. The facilities should be well maintained and lithe enough to handle the extra load at the time of rush hours.

5. Benefits of IoT to Foil Downtime

IoT is a pervasive technology that enables getting the required data and the state of the various facilities in real time and with the least human intervention. This helps in quick counteraction to fix the problems before they get aggravated.

6. How Big Data can aid in forecasting

Big data consists of data from various sources that provide insights for prediction and planning. It consists of structured as well as unstructured data. Analyzing the big data can help predict the peak seasons as well as a white week. It also can provide statistics about the utilization of various facilities at different periods. This analysis expedites sustainable management decisions to manage upcoming fluctuations. E.g., Empirical data can provide statistics to predict the rush hours or the time for which the various facilitates be utilized to the hilt.

7. Recognizing the sentiments behind

The feedback of the customers is very crucial and should be grabbed from all possible sources. Social media is the platform where consumers are willing to give feedback proactively. Sentiment analysis helps in extracting negative indicators, and positive views. It also facilitates the analysis of customer experience and planning for further business strategy. The analytics software should be fortified with the capability of analyzing the sentiments from the feedback for precise decision-making.

8. Recognizing the sentiments behind

Azure provides the platform for serverless computing, Hybrid cloud, Infrastructure as a service (IAAS), and other adjacent services. Azure in combination with DevSecOps provides secured business solutions for IoT-empowered projects. With the best suitable combinations of Azure services, secured and reliable business software can be developed that can harness the power of IoT and Big data. This can be eminent in yielding the best customer experience.

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