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We are passionate people who loves what we do in technology, we keep ourselves focused on latest tools and technologies and world class processes.

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To solve world's toughest problems by effective technology use.

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To empower organizations make intelligent decisions through data.


With Latotek Integration Platform customers have optimized their software spend by 91% on asset monitoring and operations.


Predictive analytics have helped clients generate 50% more data insights on their IoT implementation.


Enterprises have reported their operational productivity has increased by almost 70% and now they can concentrate more on strategy.

Why Choose Us


Align your enterprise with Industry 4.0 to efficiently manage and monitor your supply chain to identify defects and find new ways for improvements. Collect your data at one place from multiple sources such as SCADA, PLC, Industrial control Systems finance, Remote terminal units and IoT sensors to identify hidden patterns in your data which will help your bring new values to customers. With LatoTechnologies intelligent IoT sensors, let your data talk with advanced analytics which integrates well with your existing software, irrespective of the one which you use such as SAP, Salesforce or any other ERP software.

With availability of various virtual simulation software, there is a rapid growth in testing and prototyping new products. With the LactoTechnologies Integration Platform, shorten your lead time by finding and eliminating flaws thereby achieving efficiency in testing new products. The platform makes it possible for the integration of tools such as AutoCAD, 3D printing and prototyping along with sensor data from various industrial devices which provides a holistic view to support decision making.

With the rising urban population along with the influence of technology, there is a raising need of advanced infrastructure development for large facilities. Our wide range of IoT devices coupled with 5G technology are secure, robust and intelligent to capture sensitive data for your facility management.

Our tech stack is suitable for digital currency which makes sure integrity of data is maintained. Our cloud based solutions are designed to make secure online payments which is on the path of a primary method of shopping. Personalize your customers banking experience with predictive algorithms and use of Artificial Intelligence to better serve current customers and attract new ones.

Develop the ability to undertake proactive measures before any fatal incident occur by deploying IIOT sensors and advanced monitoring in your pipeline management. By implementing our digital twin solution, track your pipeline network in real time to gather information for possible cases of cracks, corrosion or any other chance of potential hazards and plan for preventive actions. Capture your customer sentiments by analyzing volatility in the market and integrating with internal operations to deliver high business value by implementing machine learning algorithms.

One of the biggest challenge for energy companies is to use digitization to its full potential. The demand for energy is predicted to rise in the coming years with the increase of standard of living of people all around the world. Not only energy companies need to be technically advanced but also smarter to capture the needs of the end user to efficiently manage energy consumption. This causes heavy dependence on third parties and with lack of communication, can cause delayed response and poor execution. With LactoTechnologies Integration Platform, collaborate with your supplier, sub-contractors, transport facilities, maintenance teams all in one platform to take business decisions.

With our mobile and web platforms, patients and doctors are more close to each other with end to end data security which makes sure all the benefits of health technology are transferred to the patients. Our mobile and web platforms integrate well with banking and finance system which makes sure patients and families can plan and pay for their treatment. Hospital staff, physicians and facility management department can collaborate and plan for activities of maintenance tasks for smooth running of the facility. Our software solutions provides the functionality to communicate with IoT wearable devices such as wrist bands, temperature sensors, balance sensors and can effectively log data into system in real time for physicians to monitor.

By using our Artificial Intelligence solutions pharmaceutical companies can now shorter their time in diagnosing diseases. By leveraging the power of data, research teams can study and plan to take measures on novel diseases by using machine learning algorithms. Patient data can provide huge insights on treatments and its response but due to lack of self-learning algorithms, the insights are lost making difficult to correctly recommend a drug. Our ability to handle huge data sets makes it possible for identification of hidden patterns to help industry experts in manufacturing and developing drugs for different symptoms.


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17th November 2023

A glance at API Development Lifecycle while deploying cloud services

API first approach accommodates the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the application on priority. The API is built first before building the binding application.

11th November 2023

How data forecasting can help in improving customer experience in airport facility management

The aviation industry is highly customer-centric. Airport Facility Management in terms of schedules, amenities, and infrastructure is critical. To enhance the customer experience at the airport, data forecasting.

2nd November 2023

Why serverless computing is critical to help reduce data latency in enterprise IoT.

Traditional web applications involve a central server that responds to client queries. With the ubiquitous presence of IoT, the server has to cater to a larger number of nodes in a short time.